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F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

Calculating shipping

Calculating the cost of shipping your order relies on several factors. You can see an estimated shipping price by adding your desired products to your checkout cart. For exact price, proceed to the checkout page, where the shipping costs will be displayed.

Shipping prices can vary depending on which product types you choose , the quantity of products and the country of destination.
All of these are combined to offer you the lowest shipping price that we can, while ensuring your item with extraordinary artworks arrive safe and sound.

Having trouble placing an order? Here’s a list of the most common issues a customer may encounter.

Make sure you’ve entered correct and complete information.

This is the leading cause of problems at check-out and missing packages. If you’ve entered incomplete or incorrect details, a note will appear to let you know, and problem areas will appear in orange.

Remember to double-check:
1.    Your shipping address is complete and includes things like building names, apartment numbers, and other postal quirks.
2.    Your billing address matches your debit or credit card statements.
3.    Your (Visa, or Mastercard) debit/credit card number is correct, without spaces.
4.    Your name is written in full.

Why am I getting a Payment Declined/Not Authorized message?

If you’re experiencing difficulties checking out with PayPal, please contact the PayPal support team and/or your bank for further assistance. As this is an external payment gateway, DU30 2016 Shirts Online Store is unable to provide further details about your PayPal account.

Hiding the price of a gift
If you’re making a purchase to send as a gift, please be aware that we do also offer special gift box. When completing your details at the checkout the billing address must be your own, however you can choose a different name & delivery address if you wish to ship directly to the gift recipient.

You can also rest easy knowing that we don’t include any invoices or payment information in our packages, and we aim to keep the contents of the package totally concealed until it’s opened!

Here are a few things to consider while you wait for your order:
•    We ship in 5-7 business days. Monday – Friday, excluding national holidays.
•    Shipping starts from the date you received the “Your Order Has Shipped!” email.
•    The estimate above does include manufacturing time – we need 24 – 48 hours to make sure your order is everything you hoped it would be.

DU30 2016 Shirts Online Store is a local shirt online store – we work with production and shipping partners  to get your things to your doorstep, wherever that may be.  Although the vast majority of our customers will get their orders by the day listed above, actual timeframes may vary from region to region.

Even if your order hasn’t arrived by the listed date, it’s probably still on its way (and worth the wait).

How much is shipping?
Once you’ve clicked through to Secure Checkout, you can enter your delivery address and choose a shipping method. Shipping costs are then calculated and tacked on to your subtotal at the bottom of the page.

Can I track my order?
We rely on a network of local shipping partner (JRS Express) to get your order to your doorstep as soon as possible. For this reason, tracking is always available by clicking this link:

If your order is being sent, these details will be included on your orders page as well as on the shipping email we send you.

Where does my order ship from?
Davao City, Philippines

If your DU30 2016 Shirts arrive looking not quite right (faulty item/damaged packaging/incorrect product/incorrect design) we’d be delighted to help you out right away by offering a free replacement order.

All we need is your Order# and a clear photo of the product/fault. Once you’ve submitted your request via email with Subject: “Submit a Return request”, one of our helpful support staff will organize a reprint for you, and email you with all of the important information you’ll need to know!

If your order hasn’t arrived yet but you’ve realized there was a mistake, you can follow up  by sending us email with Subject: “Submit a Return request” and we’ll get things sorted!

At DU30 2016 Shirts Online Store, we pride ourselves on being genuine customer lovers,  that’s why we’ll make sure your careful selection is successfully delivered.